Do Cellular Shades Block Sound?

do cellular shades block sound | Photo courtesy of ALTA Window Fashions

One question we get asked from time to time is: “Do cellular shades block sound?”

Some of the reasons you might need to block sound are:

• You are a light sleeper.
• You have noisy neighbors at night.
• You have to sleep during the day.
• You suffer from noise-triggered migraines.

The only way to measure the noise level is with the use of a tool called a decibel meter. Decibel meters can range in price from $10 to $5000. There are even decibel meter apps for your smartphone but those may or may not be reliable.

Unfortunately, cellular shades (or honeycomb shades as they are sometimes called) are not designed to reduce sound coming through your windows. Cellular shades do offer improved insulation of the window opening. They can also help reduce heat loss in winter and reduce heat gain in summer. Th which can improve your heating and cooling costs.

Because of their insulating effect, it is understandable how you could think that these shades might help with blocking noise. That being said, they can provide better noise reduction than other window treatment products (such as blinds or roller shades). They can be used in conjunction with heavy-weight, lined draperies or curtains to improve the sound-blocking effects at the window.

Other benefits of cellular shades include privacy and light control. Most cellular shades can be motorized or manufactured with a cordless lift system. Both of these lift systems are superior to traditional cord lift systems with regard to child safety.

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