Inclement Weather Policy

traverse enterprises inclement weather policy

You are in the South, why do you need an inclement weather policy?

We love the Upstate South Carolina area. However, the weather here can be somewhat challenging. From ice and snow during the winter months to heavy winds, rain, and potential flooding during “hurricane season,” it can be a full-time job keeping up with Mother Nature. Despite the best efforts and computer models available, even the experts are unable to predict exactly what will happen on any given day. As such, the weather can turn quickly and sometimes dangerously, in a short period of time – especially on the highways and secondary roads.

Our customer’s projects are important to us, but so is the health and safety of our team. As such, should an event occur, we have an inclement weather policy in place for two different scenarios to deal with these situations (depending on their severity). These plans are based on our own experience and decisions and we do not rely on the decision-making process of other organizations (such as the local school districts or other business entities).

Plan A: Complete suspension of operations.

When the weather is most severe, or the roads are not ideal for safe travel, we will suspend all operations. Any projects that we have scheduled will be rescheduled for our first available opening on the calendar.

Plan B: Delayed start and/or early departure.

If the weather is not severe but the effects of the weather are still being dealt with, we may be able to keep our appointments on the original day that is scheduled but we may need to postpone our arrival time by one or more hours in order to allow road conditions to improve to accommodate safe travel.

Likewise, if road conditions are likely to deteriorate later in the day, we may need to suspend activities and make a return visit to the jobsite on a different day to finish the project (subject to schedule availability).

We appreciate your understanding during situations like these and if your project is affected by weather events, we will make every effort to get your project rescheduled as soon as we possibly can. If you have specific questions about our inclement weather policy, please contact us for more information.

Photo by James Lewis on Unsplash