One Screw Lou

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It is a sad reality that in every profession there are those who cut corners and compromise the integrity of their craft. We call those guys “One Screw Lou.”

When it comes to hiring someone to install your window treatments, you expect to find someone that is reliable and offers quality workmanship.

Sometimes you can ask friends or family for a referral. Sometimes you can look on service directory websites like Angie’s List or Thumbtack to locate someone. Sometimes you just have to “Google It” and hope for the best.

How do you know if you’ve found a “One Screw Lou”? Many times satisfied customers do not take the time to leave online reviews, but unsatisfied have no problem expressing their dismay. There is an old expression among professional sales people… “A happy customer will tell her neighbor, an unhappy customer will tell her neighborhood.”

Here are a few things to look for:

Attention to Detail (or lack thereof)

“Lou” is known for his hasty approach to projects, often neglecting crucial details. Whether it is a set of drapery rods that are unlevel to shade brackets that only have one screw holding them to the window, his lack of attention to detail is evident. Attention to detail is vital to ensuring that the job is completed correctly. His negligence often results in shoddy outcomes that require additional repairs or modifications.

Shortcuts and Quick Fixes

In his quest to complete jobs swiftly, “Lou” resorts to shortcuts and quick fixes. Instead of addressing the actual problem, he implements solutions that won’t stand the test of time. These shortcuts might provide a quick fix. However, they can result in recurring issues, costing you more in the long run.

Lack of Professionalism and Communication

A reliable installer should exhibit professionalism and clear communication throughout a project. Unfortunately, “One Screw Lou” falls short in these areas. He often arrives late to the appointment and provides vague estimates and timelines. This lack of professionalism and communication can lead to frustration and disappointment, leaving you with a project that lingers unfinished or requires additional follow-up.

When it comes to hiring a window treatment installer, compromising on quality can be a costly mistake. Hiring a reputable and skilled professional who takes pride in their work is as important of an investment as buying quality window coverings. By doing so, you’ll avoid the headaches, additional expenses, and potential safety hazards associated with hiring “that other guy.”

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