How To Save Money On Your Summer Electric Bills

How To Save Money On Your Summer Electric Bills

Welcome to South Carolina, where we have 4 seasons: Winter, Almost Summer, Summer, and Still Summer. If you are like us, you probably have to run your AC system 24/7 just to stay comfortable during those peak summer months. However, doing so can get fairly expensive when the temperatures start to climb. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can save money on your summer electric bills.

Here are three ways to save that don’t involve sitting in the dark and eating dinner by candlelight:

Be smart with your cooling system.

If you will not be home or while you are sleeping, consider bumping up the thermostat a degree or two. You can also install a programmable thermostat that can automate those temperature adjustments in case you forget before you leave for work.

Also, make sure your HVAC system is regularly maintained by a reputable company and replace your air filters inside the home at least every three months.

You can also use ceiling fans to circulate the air better providing a better comfort level throughout the room.

Be smart with your energy usage.

Avoid running the dishwasher or clothes dryer until later in the evening when the temperature drops.

Turn off any unused lights during the day and consider switching to more energy-efficient bulbs or lower-wattage bulbs in lamps that may not need to duplicate the power of the sun.

Power down and unplug any electronic devices that do not actually need to be powered up all of the time. Things like gaming consoles, wireless printers, and phone chargers, all draw power, even when not being actively used.

Be smart with your insulating choices.

Make sure your attic is properly insulated. Attic spaces stay hot during the summer and even though “warm air rises,” that heat from your attic may eventually bleed down into your living space if you do not have sufficient insulation. And if your insulation is old, you may need to replace or add to what is there for maximum efficiency.

Check your doors and windows for air leaks. Nothing creates a heavier workload on your HVAC system than trying to cool your entire neighborhood.

Install energy-efficient window treatments. Products like interior shutters or honeycomb shades will provide the best barriers to heat gain coming through your windows. You can also combine other products like horizontal blinds with drapery panels to help save money on your summer electric bills.

By implementing a few simple strategies, you can enjoy a comfortable summer while keeping your electric bills under control. Remember, even small changes can add up to significant savings over time. Stay cool, stay energy-conscious, and save money this summer!

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