Exterior Screen Shades

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Is your outdoor seating area more of an outdoor sweat-ing area? Perhaps it is time to add exterior screen shades to your outdoor living space.

Exterior solar screen shades diffuse sunlight, reducing glare on screens, TVs, and other electronic devices, making it more comfortable to use them.

You can use exterior screen shades as a buffer on your patio. They can also be mounted to the exterior of the home at your windows to block the heat or sun before it enters the home. By reducing heat gain inside your home, these shades can help lower cooling costs during hot weather. By reducing energy consumption, solar screen shades contribute to a lower carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

Exterior screen shades are designed to control sunlight and heat. However, they are not designed to be used as a “weather shield.” In the event of rain, snow, or wind, the shade should be retracted to protect the fabric.

Exterior solar screens provide daytime privacy by reducing visibility from outside while still allowing you to see out. Unlike traditional window treatments inside your home (like blinds or curtains) exterior solar screen shades maintain your view of the outdoors while providing sun protection and privacy.

An exterior shade uses components that are rated for outdoor use, including:

  • powder-coated aluminum enclosures,
  • stainless steel chains,
  • coated cable guides or side channels, and
  • weather-resistant clutch mechanisms.

Exterior roller shades can also be outfitted with electric motors that can be hardwired into the power supply of the home. Motorized exterior shades come with special remote controls that are also weather-resistant.

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Photo courtesy of Insolroll Window Shading Systems.