5 Window Treatment Myths Get Busted

Perhaps you are considering new window treatments for your home. Perhaps you are hesitating because a well-meaning family member has convinced you that one of these window treatment myths are true. Perhaps you had a friend that had a bad experience with window treatments once […]

How To Select The Best Shutters For Your Home

After browsing Pinterest for hours on end, binge-watching all the home reno shows on HGTV for a week and talking to friends, neighbors, and your Aunt Sally, you’ve finally decided that you want interior shutters for your home. Now you have to decide on which […]

How Much Difference Can One Inch Make?

When it comes to selecting the best configuration for your plantation shutters, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First off, is it possible to install the shutters INSIDE the window casing or do they need to be installed OUTSIDE or in […]

Window Covering Terminology

Sometimes people just don’t know what they just don’t know. That is not to say that people are not intelligent, it just means that not everyone can be as well-versed or well-informed as others. This is especially true with a niche industry like this one […]

Understanding Shutter Terminology

Ever wonder what the installer is talking about when they are discussing your plantation shutters? Here is a short tutorial on shutter terminology. Astragal: A strip shaped like a “T” that helps to eliminate light gaps between left and right panels when no rabbet stile exists […]

Should I Use The Same Window Covering Throughout My House?

“Should I use the same window covering throughout my house?” is one of the most common questions that we receive. The short answer is no. At least that seems to be the “common wisdom.” Of course, you know what they say, “everything old is new […]