One Screw Lou

It is a sad reality that in every profession there are those who cut corners and compromise the integrity of their craft. We call those guys “One Screw Lou.” When it comes to hiring someone to install your window treatments, you expect to find someone […]

Why I Want To Be A “Jack Of All Trades”

According to Wikipedia, The phrase “jack of all trades” has been around since the 1600’s. It was originally a compliment to someone for their knowledge in many areas. However, at some point an additional line, “master of none” was added to give a negative connotation […]

The Prawn, The Ex, and the Curtain Rod

From time to time, we have to take down older window treatments like old blinds or old draperies. In doing so, we have come across some interesting “artifacts” for lack of a better term. We’ve seen Nerf® darts on window sills of 2nd story windows. […]

Window Covering Terminology

Sometimes people just don’t know what they just don’t know. That is not to say that people are not intelligent, it just means that not everyone can be as well-versed or well-informed as others. This is especially true with a niche industry like this one […]