Acrylic Drapery Rods Are A Clear Choice

Acrylic Drapery Rods Are A Clear Choice | Photo courtesy of Select Drapery Hardware.

One of the hottest trends in drapery hardware right now is using acrylic drapery rods.

They are frequently used with finials and rings that have brass, chrome, or other metallic accents. They give a touch of “bling” to your windows.

Many companies are making clear acrylic rods right now. You may sometimes see the term “Lucite” instead of acrylic. Technically, Lucite is a brand name that has become synonymous with the product type – much like how Kleenex became the substitute for “facial tissue.”

Acrylic gives the appearance of glass without the fragility and potential danger of glass shards should the rod fall and break.

Acrylic drapery rods are suitable for stationary drapery panels but they are not ideal for functional (i.e. traversing) curtains. They can be used with pinch pleat draperies on rings, panels with grommets, and panels with tab tops or rod pockets.

These rods are typically available in diameters from 1⅛ inch to 1⅝ inch and can be found up to 96 inches long from most manufacturers.

One thing to be aware of… because this is a solid piece of extruded acrylic, they are easy to cut down to fit, but most acrylic drapery rods cannot be spliced together to make them longer. Also, these rods are fairly heavy, so consider using additional (center) support brackets for rods that are more than 48 inches long.

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